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While real interactions with nature are fading away and the over-representation of animal-like objects in our everyday space is increasing, the relationship between humans and machines is becoming stronger and robotic substitutes are slowly being incorporated into our everyday environment.

Assuming that modest objects reveal as much about a historical, social, and cultural context as spectacular events in history, that the common, the banal, the unremarked is not unremarkable, Trésor borrows its formal referents from a "modest everyday object". A derisory, kitschy object, almost ridiculous: a small robot in a dog shape made on a massive industrial scale in China.

As a symbol of the (re)creation of a nature fantasized by a culture of mass (re)production, it embodies the spirit of an era.

The Trésor project consists of producing sculptures, concrete replicas of this robotic artifact and burying them in various places around the globe, like archaeological traces of the present.

Within the exhibition space, Trésor appears as a list of geographical coordinates showing the different geolocations of the specimens.

This non-exhaustive list is a contemporary treasure map that offers the potential for everyone to go to the site to exhume the referenced pieces. The location of some of the specimens - indicated by the coordinates of Null Island (00°00'00.0 "N 0°00'00.0 "E) - is however destined to remain confidential.

Texte de médiation du Frac Lorraine

Exposition L'île aux cochons.

28 Janvier - 25 Mars 2020

College les Avrils, Saint-Mihiel

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